6 Facebook Live Series You Should Watch (And Learn From)

By Dara Fontein

Imagine watching the Super Bowl a day after the big game. The experience of watching something unfold as it happens live can’t be replicated. This could be why people spend more than three times the amount of time watching Facebook Live video compared to videos shared after the fact.

Continue reading for some of our favorite Facebook Live video series—and get some top-notch ideas for your own social media videos.

1. FundersClub’s Live Q&A

The venture capitalist community is “93 percent male, white, and over 53,” and FundersClub is looking to diversify this world with their monthly Facebook Live series.

Facebook Live offers the perfect venue for this accessibility and democratization of the space. FundersClub CEO Alexander Mittal explains: “We’re bringing it right to where people are, where the barrier for entry is a click of a button.”

Viewers can tune-in to FundersClub Live Q&A to learn about startups, investing, and entrepreneurship from a wide array of experts in the field. The first half of each broadcast usually features a moderated conversation between FundersClub CEO Alexander Mittal and the featured guest.

Audience members can submit questions through a private Facebook message or in the comments during the broadcast. People comment 10 times as much on Facebook Live videos than regular videos, so the Q&A format of FundersClub’s series is a proven way of boosting engagement.

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FC Live Q&A with Alex of FundersClub and Laura of Shippo

Special Edition FC Live: Q&A with Alex Mittal of Fundersclub, hosted by Laura Behrens Wu of Shippo**Share your questions in the comments section**

Posted by FundersClub on Thursday, March 30, 2017

2. Benefit Cosmetics’ ‘Tipsy Tricks’

Facebook Live is a great platform for sharing instructional content. Benefit Cosmetics uses this approach to showcase their products rather than relying on direct sales pitches.

The brand’s Tipsy Tricks Facebook Live series debuted with 43,000 viewers, and recent episodes easily rack up over 200,000 views each. The show features, as the title suggests, slightly tipsy hosts who give unscripted advice and tutorials featuring Benefit products, along with general makeup tips. The key feature of Benefit’s series is its imperfect and unrehearsed nature—something that creates an intimate feeling amongst viewers.

Apu Gupta, CEO and cofounder of the visual marketing platform Curalate, explains that real-time videos made without excessive airbrushing and posing “establishes the feeling of connection and positions them [the brand] more as a friend and guide than just as a company trying to sell products to the consumer.”

Take notes from Benefit Cosmetics and share Facebook Live broadcasts that strike a balance between fun and valuable. Stay away from over-produced and rehearsed content, and instead focus on keeping it real. Your audience will appreciate the authenticity and be much more interested in hearing what you have to say if your delivery comes from a place of trust.

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Facebook Live | Get Your Brows in Shape!

????TODAY at 12 PM EST!???? Tune into our Facebook Live where Ashley & @maddox.benefit show you how to shape your brows up for the new year! Also they’ll be giving away ALL the bene-brow essentials that’ll help you tame and train your brows. 

Posted by Benefit Cosmetics on Friday, January 20, 2017

3. Contently’s ‘Culture at Work’

Every month, Contently hosts Culture at Work—a series of conversations and Q&As about “friction, diversity, and working better together.” The talks take place at their offices in New York, and are streamed on Facebook Live for audiences worldwide.

Culture at Work is for anyone looking to learn about how to better navigate human issues in the workplace. Previous guests have included:

  • New York Times correspondent and author of Feminist Fight Club Jessica Bennett who facilitated a discussion on gender in the workplace
  • CEO of Jopwell Porter Braswell who spoke about race in the workplace and how to use diversity for progress
  • CEO of Magnet Media Megan Cunningham, who gave advice on how to create and work with diverse talent, and how to drive innovation through inclusiveness

By using influencers and industry experts, Culture at Work helps viewers understand complex situations that impact company culture.

Like Culture at Work, your brand’s Facebook Live series can benefit from having real people speaking about authentic experiences. Whether an HR professional or the CEO of a global company, Culture at Work is a must-watch.

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Contently Culture at Work: Our co-founder Shane Snow speaks with Porter Braswell, CEO of Jopwell, on race in the workplace, the power of perspective, and how to leverage diversity for progress rather than simply “managing” it.

Posted by Contently on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

4. Simon Mainwaring’s ‘How to Transform Your Company Into a Leading Purposeful Brand’

We First branding agency founder and CEO Simon Mainwaring shares his industry expertise through his Facebook Live series “How to Transform Your Company Into a Leading Purposeful Brand.” The first three episodes focus on:

  • Purposeful brand pivots that drive business success
  • Brand stories that deliver a competitive advantage
  • Community building that accelerates consumer engagement

Mainwaring keeps his videos short and succinct. This is a perfect, “bite-size” broadcast for busy professionals who are looking for a quick tidbit of valuable information.

Your own brand’s Facebook Live series’ doesn’t have to solely consist of hour-long broadcasts. Mix in shorter videos with straight-to-the-point content to keep your audience engaged.

If you’re looking for ways to boost awareness and streamline your brand, How to Transform Your Company Into a Leading Purposeful Brand is a series to check out.

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“Community Building that Accelerates Consumer Engagement”

Posted by Simon Mainwaring on Friday, March 10, 2017

5. Entrepreneur’s ‘#AskEntrepreneur’

Entrepreneur’s Facebook Live series, #AskEntrepreneur, features conversations and Q&As with top industry experts. The primary topics discussed are related to business, social media, marketing, and technology.

Audience members can participate in the Facebook Live broadcast by asking questions on Twitter with the #AskEntrepreneur hashtag or leaving a comment underneath the stream.

Want to Stay on Track of Your Goals? Watch This Facebook Live on April 20 at 1 p.m. EST #AskEntrepreneur https://t.co/L3CNKkjZ74

— Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur) April 17, 2017

6. Hootsuite’s HootLive

If you’re looking for social media and marketing insight from top experts in the industry, look no further than #HootLive, Hootsuite’s very own Facebook Live series.

Every month, our social media team sits down with internal and external industry leaders. Some previous topics include:

  • 2017 Social Trends: Hootsuite’s social media and content experts chatted over a beer about this year’s top social trends.
  • Social Ads Q&A with Facebook and Mediative: Experts from Facebook and Mediative joined us for a Q&A to continue our Social Ads Webinar discussion.
  • Facebook Live Tips + AMA: Experts from Hootsuite’s social media and video team shared 13 Facebook Live tips and hosted an “Ask me anything” session.

Audience members can ask questions in the comments below the broadcast or on the event page for a chance to win a Hootsuite prize pack.

For more practical tips from the people behind Hootsuite’s Facebook Live series, check out our interview 13 Facebook Live Tips from Hootsuite’s Social Media Team.

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#HootLive: 2017 Social Trends

Planning out your social media strategy for 2017? In our first #HootLive discussion, Hootsuite’s very own social media and content experts chat over a beer about this year’s social trends.Want to know more about emerging 2017 trends?Watch the webinar: “Social Media Trends to Put Into Practice in 2017” http://ow.ly/sc0p308mm6oRead the e-book: “2017 Social Media Trends Toolkit” http://ow.ly/ptPY308nSnb

Posted by Hootsuite on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Watch the Facebook Live series’ from the brands above and take note of the tactics and features you find effective—and those you don’t.

Pay attention to the different ways brands promote, broadcast, and engage with their audiences with Facebook Live, and apply these tactics to your own strategy. Learn from the best.

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