The 11 Best Tools and Apps for Snapchat

By Rob Mathison

Over 160 million people a day use Snapchat to send or view videos, photos, and messages. That makes it one of the most popular social networks, especially with millennials.

These and other users love Snapchat’s immediacy and sense of fun. It’s easy to share and comment on rough and ready, snack-sized pieces of content—or Snaps—with groups of friends throughout the day. Snapchatters can also discover content and Stories from their favorite brands.

And marketers? Some brands have been doing some pretty interesting things on Snapchat.

Want to do more with Snapchat? The good news is that if you want to get as many of those 160 million pairs of eyeballs to swivel in your direction and open wide, there are plenty of tools and apps for Snapchat out there. (If you’re wondering, there are no integrated Snapchat third-party apps. The platform doesn’t allow them.)

Here’s our list of the best apps for Snapchat marketers to keep an eye on or give a try. We’ve grouped our apps into categories that reflect what marketers are most interested in.

By the way, if you want a primer about using Snapchat in business, have a read of our guide to Snapchat. And here are some Snapchat hacks to add to your toolbox.

Bonus: Download a free guide that reveals how to easily create and use a custom Snapchat geofilter to promote your business for as little as $5.

11 of the best Snapchat apps

Story creation apps

1. Fastory

Create engaging mobile stories

Creating Snapchat Stories is a way for brands to share content, create awareness, and build relationships. Fastory, still in Beta, lets marketers craft elegant visual Stories for mobile devices. The key thing is that you can give your Stories a unique look and feel to make them stand out from the crowd.

For example, a travel company can put together a branded Story around a destination to bring it to life for the audience and enable them to engage with the story. A farm-to-table restaurant can tell the story of how customers’ food got to their plates. The Fastory platform lets you integrate contests, games, video, and contact forms into your Stories.

Snapchat management apps

2. Casper

A pocket workhorse to help you manage Snapchat

Casper is a do-it-all Android app for Snapchat that bills itself as “an alternative Snapchat client.” Its main selling point is that it lets you get around the Snapchat feature that deletes Snaps after viewing. You can save content without the sender knowing. This is great for research if you want to save content for inspiration, as part of a campaign, or as insights into your audience.

Casper also lets you forward Snaps and Stories, add filters, stickers, captions, and other creative effects to content. If you are at an event, Casper’s features make it easy for you to enable attendees to contribute to a Story of the event.

3. Mish Guru

Complete Snapchat management solution

Mish Guru is a web-based Snapchat management and analytics dashboard. It lets you create and upload Snapchat content, and schedule it to be published, as well as providing a suite of analytics tools.

You can automatically capture incoming Snaps and add them to Stories or post them to other social networks.
Apps to discover new accounts and influencers

4. Narativ

Connecting brands to Snapchat influencers

Narativ is a campaign management platform that connects brands to Snapchat stars, so they can partner up on campaigns. You can find a few examples of brands they work with on their website.

A major success story was a campaign with ABC Family for their show “Pretty Little Liars.” Narativ connected ABC to a Snapchat artist who created content around the show, ultimately attracting 1.3 million followers.

5. GhostCodes

An App Store-style discovery tool

One of the trickier things about using Snapchat is finding people to follow (and getting people to follow your account).

GhostCodes to the rescue. It’s possibly the easiest way to find influencers and other accounts to follow.

Search for Snapchatters by over 40 categories—from “comedians” to “college life” and from “foodies” to “fitness.” Click on a category and you get a list of the most popular Snapchatters in that category. Except they call them “Ghosties.”

6. Peek

Find and follow interesting Snapchatters

Peek archives Stories from popular Snapchatters, and lets you browse for content through their iPhone app.

It’s a great way to find content for inspiration, research potential influencers, and find the best content on Snapchat.
Analytics and measurement apps

7. Delmondo

Analytics and audience insights for Snapchat

In the absence of an integrated Snapchat analytics tool, marketers need to find other ways to track key Snapchat metrics.

Delmondo aims to fill this gap by working with brands to optimize their social media campaigns, including on Snapchat. It can connect brands to influencers, create video content, and provide a suite of campaign reporting tools.

8. Snaplytics

A Snapchat management platform

It’s not the easiest name to say, but Snaplytics offers a complete suite of Snapchat management tools, including analytics, publishing, and competitor analysis.

You can track and measure the performance of your Stories, including the number of opens and screenshots, gain insights into your followers, and measure yourself against competitors.

9. Storyheap

Manage and measure your Snapchat Stories

Storyheap provides a central dashboard for managing your Snapchat Stories. You can use it to upload and schedule your Story, and Storyheap Studio lets you create Stories.

Storyheap also offers a range of analytics and publishing tools. You can gain insights into how a particular story performs, with the ability to track open rates, engagement, and other key metrics.

One interesting feature is Autopilot, which enables you to post videos to both Snapchat and Instagram.

Geofilter creation tool

10. PepperFilters

Create custom geofilters in minutes

Everyone loves Snapchat’s geofilters. It’s a neat way to do some location-based marketing or add a flourish to your content. For example, you can promote that you are in a particular location for an event, or ask followers to enter a contest by sharing photos containing a custom geofilter you created.

PepperFilters is a marketplace for Snapchat geofilters. You can design a unique geofilter using their range of backgrounds and templates, graphics, and text effects.

Promote your account app

11. Unofficial Snapchat button

It’s a Snapchat button and it’s unofficial

Make it easy to create a Snapchat button for your website so people can follow you. This handy website lets you create a button and generate code to paste into your website.

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